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About us

My Philosophy

The philosophy of Just Because Dog Treats was to create a range of treats that dogs with special needs will love. These types of dogs have strict diets and limitations, and for some with certain allergies it could be life threatening.So, we make every single treat from scratch using the very best ingredients. We don't use any added sugar, salt, wheat, colouring or preservatives. We choose to use natural meat stocks, cheese and even vegetables for flavour.The end result are diabetic dog treats that are safe for your "Special Needs Dog", that make their tail wag and are good for your best friend.

My Inspiration

Trigger - Just Because I am Allergic to Wheat.

I rescued my Rottweiller from the Plainfield Humane Society in Plainfield NJ. He was abused from his previous owners and found to be malnourished and underweight. One attempt after another of trying variety of foods, we were still unsuccessful with Trigger holding his food down. After many tests and biopsy's we found that he was allergic to wheat. Wheat free treats were hard to find, so there was only one solution, I had to make the treats myself.


Emma - Just Because I am Over Weight

My American Staffordshire Terrier was rescued from the Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ. Emma was very much overweight. I was in search of a healthy treat that was low in fat, low in carbohydrates with natural ingredients. A treat without sorbitol. Again, I found myself in the kitchen.


Jesse - Just Because I am diabetic.

My Cairn Terrier is 9 years old and is an insulin dependant diabetic. What she was allowed to eat was very limited. She would turn her nose up at many of the sugar free treats (for humans) that were on the market. After doing a lot of research I never found a true diabetic dog treat. I have found that the fat content was much to high for a dog with diabetes, and they contained sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol.




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