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The philosophy of Just Because Dog Treats was to create a range of treats that dogs with special needs will love. These types of dogs have strict diets and limitations, and for some with certain allergies it could be life threatening.

So, we make every single treat from scratch using the very best ingredients. We don't use any added sugar, salt, wheat, colouring or preservatives. We choose to use natural meat stocks, cheese and even vegetables for flavour.

The end result are diabetic dog treats that are safe for your "Special Needs Dog", that make their tail wag and are good for your best friend.



1. We tested the treats on 26 dogs and all 26 loved it! Read More

2. I wanted to thank you for making such wonderful, healthy treats. Read More

3. My Golden Retriever "Thor" was so excited when I brought home his "cookies". Read More

4. My older dog had been recently diagnosed with diabetes; we were able to give her any type of dog treats. Read More

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Dogs commonly suffer from diabetes, which is caused by abnormal metabolism of the body’s insulin hormone. Symptoms generally include weight loss, frequent urination, increased thirst, and above-average blood glucose levels. Changes in appetite may also occur. Because diabetes can also cause cataracts, treatment is necessary to prevent blindness, as well as malnutrition and other life-threatening [...]


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